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FedEx Express wants Congress to think its truck drivers are actually airline pilots.  Why?  Because the company doesn’t believe it should have to be subjected to the same rules and regulations that all other package delivery companies follow.

As a reward for large political contributions to a few key lawmakers many years ago, Congress created a special set of rules that would apply only to FedEx Express and none of its competitors – essentially using its power to give FedEx Express a competitive advantage over others in the industry.

Today, all package delivery companies, including UPS and dozens of independently owned delivery companies, operate under one set of rules while FedEx Express maintains its special status.

For FedEx Express to classify its truck drivers as airline pilots is dishonest and unfair.  Even worse, consumers pay the ultimate price when competition in the industry is stymied, as it is when no level playing field exists.

Congress is now set to right this wrong and level the playing field for all companies in the industry.  The House of Representatives and the Senate are considering important legislation that will improve air safety, create good-paying jobs for Americans, and create one set of rules for all package delivery companies.

Contact your Senator today and tell them you support equal treatment for all truck drivers. It’s time for Congress to treat a truck driver like a truck driver, no matter the employer.